Omo micro finance institution is established in 1997 registering with the national bank of Ethiopia. Since its establishment the institution has been providing saving and loan services to the low income societies in its operational areas  .

During the last two decades, the institution has captured the need of both social and financial success histories. At the   very beginning it starts with in limited pilot operational areas in four branches. It begins with 3.2 million of total capital and deposited net saving birr 26,654  .The total capital asset and deposited net savings rise between at the mid of one decades reached at about 523 million , total asset 5 billion as of net saving 2billion correspondingly.   

The institution has passed many challenges related to with outreach, operational, and financial performance issues. From these points of view, it has come openly learning from the challenges which it faces as the best experience for its future long vision and vast mission accomplishment.

Its mission statement reads that omfi strives to contribute its part in poverty alleviation efforts in the region by providing efficient, effective, and sustainable financial services to the economically active but financially poor people both in rural and urban areas through community demand-driven approach.

This commitment bring it forward to operational, financial, and like outreach good achievements in large.

As of march 31/2020 OMFI close to four million depositors and amount of its total savings mobilized has reached more than 27 billion while its outstanding loan is reached at about 18 billion.

As of march 31/2020 net saving reached 3 billion birr and number of active borrowers close to 1.5 million

It records more than 9 billion of total assets and total capital of 659 million as its net profit of 68 million.

The institution has been undergoing through different change activities to be excelling in financial and operational performances in general. OMFI record good achievements by implementing technological project like core banking.

As of march 31/2020 the institution has disbursed close to 18 billion birr in loan

During the periods of pilot service delivering engagement of women starting from non around 33 of the clients of the institution are women while 75 of them are found in the rural areas.

Nowadays, OMFI appears with different successes which able to give verities of benefit packages for its customers. Based on this fact savings at   OMFI can give an interest rate of 7% to 9% , while its loan can cost somewhere between 8 and 18 percent based on kind of loan which is affordable for customers.

OMFI can functionally operating more than 50 program loans and vast regular loan services in its operational scope.

Currently, having headquarter in Hawassa, it has 17 districts 165 branches and more than 80 sub-branches with in its operational areas.

As of march 31/2020 the total number of staff reached at about 6760, from this figure at Head Office 160, at District Offices 404, at Branches 2610, at Sub-branch 319 and the remaining 3269 staffs in kebeles level. This indicates how the institution is vast and largely outreached. The coverage of Females staff is 1803 (26.7%) and the number of males is 4957(73.3%).

It has strategically planed to enlarge the number of staff to 8500 and the coverage of females to 35%.