Omo Bank is  one of strong and competent  institution in Ethiopia . It was founded in August 14/1996  by four share holders  with initial capital    of  Birr 2,000,000 . It began its operation in four pilot areas of South, Nation Nationality, people Regional state with objective of providing efficient , effective  and sustainable financial services to low income society in the region. Currently, it has 19 districts, 240 branches and 30 sub branches offices.

  • Deliver financial services to low income society, particularly to the rural and urban area
  • Empower poor women by improving access to financial services
  • Increase agricultural productivity and production by improving  access to financial services
  • Reduce exploitation by illegal money lenders Increase self-employment and entrepreneurial skill

Saving is one of the core services we offer for our customers. We encourage our customers to save money by understanding basic concepts what it mean saving by itself?  The amount remaining after a person’s consumer spending is subtracted from his or her disposable Income. Importance of we save money basically, because we cannot predict the future .saving money can help become financially secure and provides safety-net in case of an emergency.

Omo Bank provide valuable loan services for consumers   and businesses firms to better manage their financial situation. It pursues a saving -led credit provision services. The institution as financial service provider offering an affordable credit and savings services for targeted groups in rural and urban areas.