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Brief overview of OMO bank

Omo Bank, a commercial bank in Ethiopia, was established in 1997, originating from the previous Omo Micro Finance Institution (S.C). It transitioned into a share company by registering with the National Bank of Ethiopia and Bureau of Trade and Industry of SNNPR, in accordance with the licensing and supervision of Micro Finance Institutions by Proclamation No 40/1996. Operations commenced in 1998 with services offered in four branches.

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The objective of the bank

providing efficient, effective and sustainable financial services to the public.

Omo bank Vision, Mission and Values


To see a well-developed contemporary foremost financial institution that provides sustainable services for equitable number of people by 2035.


Omo Bank strives to contribute its part to bring about a sustainable economic development in the country by providing digitalized efficient, effective and holistic financial services to all citizens.


• Human resource is our imperative asset.
• We strive to organizational citizenship.
• Creativity and continuous change.
• Collaboration is our strength.
• Excellence in providing our Service & products.
• Special Respect and care for Customers.
• Credibility, Integrity and Honesty.
• Saving- led Credit is a base of our service.
• Priority for innovation / creativity and women.
• Zero tolerance for theft and fraud.
• Special attention for our model consumer.
• Strong collaboration and integration.
• Automation for change.

Operational and financial overview of the bank

The bank possesses assets exceeding a total of 12 billion and total capital amounting to 3.06 billion. As of the reporting period ending on March 31, 2023, our bank serves approximately 5.7 million active saving customers, with a total of 55.7 billion in savings and a net saving of 5.7 billion.