Mr. Tilhaun Kebede  


Message from the board chairman

Once we are lucky to chair such a dynamic and sustainable development economic sectors, particularly financial institutions. Even if additional leader ship management responsibility is a appositive burden …

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Mr. Alemayehu H/Georgis


Message from the ceo

Leading any institution   like taking part to relay   race   in which long journey   of success cannot be materialized by a sole leader rather bounded effort of entire members. Specially, managing financial institution needs

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Latest News

Omo Bank New Feeds

Save fora bright future

Omo Bank institution in expanding an economic opportunity at SNNPR and Sidama regional states with particular reference to all districts and branches.

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የMbirr-mobile banking ተቃሚ ይሁኑ 

Make Financial transactions using your mobile instantly and Let’s fight Covid-19 by avoiding physical contact. 

I have been benefited for about last six years from the institution. My business is flourished because the institution provides savings and loanable funds to me. Currently, I have an intimate relationship with the institution. My daily Savings and loan repayment activities are easily ongoing; this is the fruitful customer relationship   of working with the institution

Radet Ayito / Halaba

I am familiar with Omo Bank Institution, not only that but also, I’m a beneficial from the conveniences of savings and loan product package.  This is the best opportunity for my life change and small business development.

Mengistu Kere / Wulkite

²Today starting from a coin release brings in one’s life empirical change. This is a secret behind valuable savings best experience .Initially, I ‘m under the control of food insecurity. It is important push factor to build strong savings culture in my life ²

Lema W/Mariyam / Hosaena